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iOTH Garcinia Cambogia

A smart choice for essential nutrient – garcinia Cambogia.

Garcinia Cambogia is extracted from the dried fruit of the Garcinia cambogia tree, a native plant species of Southeast Asia. The rind or skin of the Garcinia cambogia fruit is loaded with hydroxycitric acid (HCA), a derivative of citric acid, which is a marked weight loss supplement.

iOTH Garcinia Cambogia – What You Need To Know

Garcinia extract is derived from a tropical fruit, Garcinia cambogia, which is well-known for its weight loss properties. The extract of the fruit is called hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and that is what the “magic pills” are made from – often touted for their alleged ability to curb appetite and stop weight gain. As per studies, HCA acts by blocking the enzyme citrate lyase, which is used by our body to make fat. It also increases the levels of the brain chemical called serotonin, which may decrease your appetite by making you feel less hungry. Some research suggests that Garcinia extract may help improve your mood, reduce anxiety, depression and sleep disorders – all of which lead to emotional eating. Besides this, Garcinia extract improves the metabolism of fats in the body, which increases the removal of excess fats.

Garcinia supplements are gaining huge popularity among weight-conscious people across the globe. iOTH’s Garcinia softgels are derived from the best Garcinia cambogia plants. A balanced diet coupled with regular exercise along with Garcinia supplements in the recommended dosage can render effective weight loss results. So, if you desire a healthy body with perfect shape, try iOTH’s Garcinia softgels and experience the change.

Why choose iOTH Garcinia Cambogia

  • May aid in reducing weight
  • Acts as a mood elevator
  • Controls emotional eating
  • Increases the feeling of satiety
  • Enhances energy and boosts metabolism
  • Improves digestive health naturally
  • Aids in fat metabolism in the body
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Fights stress and reduces depression

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Garcinia cambogia is a citrus fruit. Its extract from the fruit rind contains HCA, an organic acid, which works by making you feel full. This not only reduces your appetite, but it positively affects your metabolism. This effect makes Garcinia cambogia a natural weight management cure for many women looking to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Garcinia cambogia may also help improve high levels of cholesterol and enhance athletic performance.

iOTH Garcinia Cambogia Benefits for Women

Women swear by Garcinia Cambogia for its weight loss properties. Various studies have confirmed the positive effects of HCA on obesity. This organic acid is known to have visible effects on abdominal fat. Other than weight loss, Garcinia cambogia offers the following health benefits -

  • Natural fat blocker
  • Suppresses frequent hunger pangs and checks unnecessary binging on food
  • Boosts metabolism to get lesser fat deposition despite more calorie intake
  • Lowers blood cholesterol to get you healthy heart
  • Fights depression and works as a stress-buster to help you achieve your goals faster
  • Helps to combat weakness caused due to weight loss
  • Increases your overall health quotient

Well if you’ve ever caught yourself wondering whether garcinia cambogia works for men, you’re in for great news! Garcinia cambogia works efficiently for both men and women. These wonder pills cannot only help you achieve your weight loss goals, but can also get you those six pack abs you’ve always dreamed about.

You finally have the option to either slave away at the gym for two-three hours all through the week or choose to perform normal exercise, 20-30 minutes a day, eat right and take garcinia cambogia daily to achieve your weight-loss goals and flaunt your perfect body!

iOTH Garcinia Cambogia – Why Should Men Care

Garcinia cambogia works by blocking two main types of enzymes responsible for the synthesis of fats. This is accomplished through Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is the primary ingredient in iOTH Garcinia Cambogia. HCA helps in inhibiting the formation of fats and at also acts as an appetite suppressant.

More reasons to care for garcinia cambogia –

  • Acts as a fat blocker to help you lose weight
  • It can help lower your risk of developing some serious diseases
  • Improves immune function thereby boosting your health
  • It is capable of improving your athletic performance
  • Helps lower blood cholesterol
  • It can greatly help in enhancing your mood

If you are serious about your fitness goals, then iOTH Garcinia Cambogia is just what you need. It will not only help you lose weight but will also boost your energy levels naturally.

Garcinia Cambogia is a pumpkin shaped small fruit. Its main ingredient, Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) is found in the rind of the fruit – it acts as a fat blocker and suppresses your appetite naturally.



FAQ's on Garcinia Cambogia Supplement

The recommended dose is 1 softgel 30 minutes before breakfast and 1 softgel 30 minutes before lunch daily, or as directed by a Dietician.

Yes, both women and men can enjoy the multiple benefits of Garcinia Cambogia.

We advise that expecting mothers should check with their doctors before taking any supplement.

Absolutely! Garcinia Cambogia has been proven to be safe to use. It has been used for many years in different parts of the world as a natural and safe solution for weight loss, appetite suppression and for regulation of metabolic process.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.