iOTH is one of the most trusted dietary supplement brand in India that is dedicated to provide you revolutionary supplements and healthcare products to fill in the essential nutrients gaps from your diet and to promote your health and overall well-being.

iOTH offers different kinds of health care supplements that serve to fulfill different nutritional needs of the body. You can learn more about our products by visiting the products page.

Definitely yes! Your health is our utmost priority. This is why we make sure that at iOTH we use only the safest and highest quality ingredients coupled with stringent manufacturing practices, following quality control and safety guidelines. Each of our International GMP certified products are tested for heavy metals to ensure nothing but the best quality health supplements for you.

The shell of our softgels is made of gelatin along with glycerin that works as a plasticizing agent. One of the most widely recognized benefits of gelatin softgels is its ability to enhance nutrient availability. Gelatin softgels are the rapid release capsules that are easy to digest as these dissolve within minutes after reaching the stomach. This is by far the best way to ensure that the supplement does not pass through your digestive system without being absorbed. Also, gelatin softgels have no taste or unpleasant odors and are easy to swallow.

With enhanced absorption and bioavailability, you can expect faster disintegration for immediate nutrient delivery to produce faster onset of action.

How quickly you will begin noticing the results with iOTH products mainly depends upon which one are you taking. Certain products will begin showing their effects within days, while others may take weeks or months together to get you the desired results. However, it is very important you realize that you are taking a dietary supplement and not a drug. Dietary supplements are found in nature and are not as potent as drugs, so the effects will be gradual.

The iOTH dietary supplements are to be taken as alternatives to fill in the essential nutritional gaps form your diet or as adjunctive therapies. The benefits attained by taking dietary health supplements are often varied, but most are directed towards –

  • Improved health and well-being
  • Prevention of diseases
  • Delay in aging process
  • Increased life expectancy

Click on the product you wish to purchase. The tab will lead you to a detailed product description page where you can go through meticulous description of the desired product. There you will find the ‘BUY NOW’ tab, click on it. This tab will lead you to our PayU money page. Just fill in the details and make payment.

All orders would get delivered within 2-6 working days depending upon the location.

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