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Vitamin D is one of the best vitamins you can put inside your body. This miracle nutrient helps control the amount of calcium and phosphorous absorbed by your body, which are needed to promote teeth, bones and muscle health.

Having too little of Vitamin D can affect the absorption of calcium and phosphorous in the body. In children, deficiency of sunshine vitamin can lead to rickets – a condition that causes bone deformities, such as bowed legs. In adults, deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to osteomalacia, which can make bones tender and painful.

Low Vitamin D levels will result in your body working far below its true potential. Chances are you’re not even near the right amount. No wonder you must be hearing a lot more of why you need Vitamin D and what all can you do to avoid its deficiency to help your body function its max.

Vitamin D Benefits and Your Body

A remarkable number of health benefits have been associated with Vitamin D. In the past few years, numerous studies have shown that a lack of sunshine vitamin is the primary reason for depression, heart diseases, skin & other cancers, multiple sclerosis, pregnancy problems and birth defects.

Even if you don’t suffer from any of these conditions, getting more of Vitamin D may still be the recommendation of your health care practitioner. A number of experts agree that many of their patients reported a dramatic improvement in the overall feeling of well-being after their increased Vitamin D levels.

Why Do We Fall Deficient in Vitamin D?

So why do we fall deficient in this wonder nutrient, especially when Vitamin D is one of the few vitamins that our bodies can actually make?

The sun rays helps convert a cholesterol like substance naturally found in our skin to Vitamin D. However, chances of developing skin cancer due to UV rays, makes soaking up in the sun a less desirable option. Just so you know you need direct midday summer sunlight on a good portion of your body for 15 minutes every day to help your skin produce sufficient Vitamin D – risking serious sun damage.

To make it worse, Vitamin D is largely missing from the foods that we eat. Only fortified dairy products and certain kinds of fish can provide us sufficient dosage of Vitamin D as is required by our bodies. Not to mention, it would certainly be difficult to consume enough of both daily to gain 1000-plus IUs of Vitamin D.

More Reasons To Choose iDaily-D Plus

  • Essential for regulating calcium and phosphorous levels in the body for strong, healthy bones and teeth
  • May aid in treating conditions that cause weak & painful bones
  • May provide relief from lower back pain caused due to calcium deficiency
  • May help prevent low calcium levels and bone loss in people with renal failure
  • May help prevent Vitamin D deficiency and improve muscle strength
  • May prevent falls in elderly
  • May prove helpful in relieving symptoms associated with Rheumatoid arthritis
  • May help promote immune and heart health

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You are probably familiar with the role of Vitamin D in promoting bone health, largely by promoting the absorption of calcium in the body. But, having a Vitamin D deficiency particularly in the ageing years, may lead to osteomalacia or osteoporosis.

You would be surprised to learn that according to a recent study, low levels of Vitamin D have been linked to increased risk of type I diabetes, muscle & bone pain and also some serious cancers of the breast, ovaries, colon, esophagus & lymphatic system.

Women seeking help to lower blood pressure, Vitamin D may be exactly what you need. Also, if you are trying to reduce your risk of diabetes, reducing your chances of heart diseases, multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis, Vitamin D should be at the front line of your daily supplement regimen.

  • To control high blood pressure levels
  • To reduce their risk of developing precancerous colon polyps
  • To reduce their risk of falling
  • To reduce the risk of developing multiple sclerosis
  • For promoting stronger bones, especially during pregnancylth
  • For boosting immune system functions

Vitamin D also plays an important role in female fertility as well as rates of fetal implantation in the uterus. Interestingly, due to the effects of Vitamin D on muscle strength and function, expecting mothers with low levels of Vitamin D stand a greater risk of cesarean sections because of sub-optimal muscle performance and strength during pregnancy. It is important to realize that Vitamin D deficiency is preventable and iOTH iDaily D Plus is necessary to ensure you get adequate Vitamin D nutrition.

For men, who want be healthier, stronger and keep their brain perform optimally, having adequate levels of Vitamin D is the answer. Stacks of research on the significance of Vitamin D for men show that deficiency of this sunshine nutrient may increase the risk of heart diseases, cognitive decline and also certain types of cancers.

Studies also indicate that getting enough of Vitamin D may provide men with immediate benefits – Vitamin D helps boost the immune system functions and fights off infections such as flu. It also helps in absorption of calcium from the foods, to help prevent bone loss, which can usually begin in men in their thirties.

Why men need Vitamin D

  • Improved mental ability – Vitamin D can help improve a man’s brain function. This is mainly because growing age negatively affects the cognitive function of the brain in men and this decline in cognitive function has been linked to Vitamin D deficiency by researchers.
  • Weight loss – Various studies indicate that consuming optimal levels of Vitamin D may help men, who wish to lose abdominal fat and hence prevent excessive weight gain. Right levels of Vitamin D in the body increases the levels of leptin, a hormone which alerts the body to stop eating.
  • Hair growth – Men on an average have a greater tendency to lose hair with the growing age, commonly referred to as male pattern baldness. However, research indicates that Vitamin D may play an important role in preventing hair loss in men by maintaining healthy hair follicles, ensuring the hair remains healthy and strong.
  • Cardiovascular health – Deficiency of Vitamin D has been associated with cardiovascular diseases, whereas optimal levels of this nutrient have been linked to heart health. This means Vitamin D supplementation could contribute to prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Preventing multiple sclerosis – Adequate levels of Vitamin D has a protective effect on the risk of developing multiple sclerosis.

Vitamin D is also associated with male reproductive health. This is especially in regards to the normal sperm count as well as sperm motility. According to research, men falling deficient in Vitamin D have lower proportions of mobile and morphologically normal sperm as compared to men having optimal levels of Vitamin D. This means Vitamin D supplementation is crucial for men in order to maximize their reproductive health and for maintaining optimal sperm functions.

Vitamin D deficiency can have serious side effects on aging adults. Elderly people falling deficient in Vitamin D may stand a greater risk of fracturing bones from falls. Research indicates the link between prolonged Vitamin D deficiency and muscles weakness, which often leads to disability.

A deficiency of the sunshine vitamin is very common among the elders for several reasons. This is mainly because of the following reasons –

  • Reduced dietary intake of Vitamin D
  • Reduces skin thickness
  • Limited exposure to sunlight
  • Impaired intestinal absorption

Taking Vitamin D supplements for over a period of several weeks can correct such deficiencies in aging adults. According to a study, taking Vitamin D supplements improved knee strength as well as walking distance in elders having Vitamin D deficiency.


Vitamin D is generally safe when taken by mouth in prescribed amounts. Most people do not experience any side effects with this vitamin, unless too much is taken. You should, however, consult your health care provider before taking this supplement if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Do not take Vitamin D if you have high levels of calcium in the blood; if you suffer from hyperparathyroidism or if you suffer from atherosclerosis.


Vitamin D is generally safe when taken by mouth in prescribed amounts. Most people do not experience any side effects with this vitamin, unless too much is taken.

You are required to consult your health care professional before taking Daily-D if you are pregnant or breast feeding; immediately before and following any surgery. Also, do not consume this Vitamin D supplement if you already have high levels of calcium in blood; if you are suffering from hyperparathyroidism or atherosclerosis.

iOTH iDaily-D Plus comes in a three month supply (90 Softgels).

You should consult your Health Care Provider before taking this supplement if you are pregnant or nursing.

For best results, a single softgel of iOTH iDaily D dietary supplement should be taken along with your breakfast or lunch daily or as directed by your health care provider.

Vitamin D supplements are capable of interacting with many other types of medicines. For instance, steroids that are prescribed to reduce inflammation tend to reduce calcium absorption and also cause impairment of Vitamin D metabolism. Such effects lead to loss of bones, which eventually increases the risk of development of osteoporosis. Other medicines, such as orlistat, the weight-loss drug and cholestyramine, the cholesterol lowering drug, can also reduce absorption of Vitamin D. Therefore, it is advisable that you consult your health care provider before starting Vitamin D supplementation.

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