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We request you to please carefully go through our terms and conditions, as mentioned below, before you register and start making purchases from our website. These terms and conditions govern your rights and responsibilities under the law, which also include certain limitations.

The right to change these terms and conditions is held under the sole discretion of www.othhealth.com, without sending any prior notice to you. Therefore, you are requested to review these terms and conditions as often as possible. Your registration and purchase from this website, confirms your acceptance of and agreement to all our terms and conditions.

Ownership Rights and Use of This Website

The contents, including the images, illustrations and others published on this website are copyrighted material under the Indian law and belong to www.othhealth.com.

All information available on www.othhealth.com, whether displayed or transmitted is protected by intellectual property rights and copyrights. The entire content is maintained and updated independently by www.othhealth.com.

This information cannot be copied, downloaded or used in any manner what so ever, without prior permission or written consent of www.othhealth.com. Doing this would violate the copyright laws. Anyone found guilty, would have to bear with the legal consequences which will be carried out by our legal team.

The content available on www.othhealth.com in the form of articles, illustrations and all materials are intended for lawful and beneficial purposes. You need to agree to use www.othhealth.com content, as permissible under these terms and conditions and within the limits as governed by the law. Unauthorized use of the content available on this website for illegal or unlawful purposes for defaming, abusing, harassing or invading someone’s privacy or violating intellectual property rights will violate the law and would be subjected to strict legal action.

The trade names and brand names of OTH Healthcare Products on this website are the trademarks of OTH Health. Using any of the trademarks, trade names, brand names, or any other content that is iOTH’s copyright is strictly prohibited and is illegal.

Medical Information Pertaining To the Use of This Website

The information provided on www.othhealth.com related to the medical products is available for general purpose only. Furthermore, any product information or medical information furnished on the website is no way intended to provide complete medical information. This information is not even intended to be substituted to the advice of your health care provider. Therefore, it is advised that you should not restrict yourself to the information provided by www.othhealth.com to diagnose, prevent, cure and treat any health ailment and should also not prescribe any medication out of such information.

Disclaimer of Liability

The content on www.othhealth.com, including the information, images, products, labels, color scheme, software may be inaccurate or may even contain errors. Information related to the products or services can change anytime without any prior notice. www.othhealth.com makes all possible efforts to furnish all possible information, labels and colors accurately, but still the final outcome depends on the system. In spite of the best efforts, there may be errors, omissions, typographical errors, and other inaccuracies, which are beyond the control of www.othhealth.com. In such situation, neither the stakeholders or technical staff or anyone else would be responsible for such errors and www.othhealth.com disclaims all such conditions, including the warranties.

Registration and Membership

Anyone can register on www.othhealth.com by providing your legal identity, which includes your full name and valid email-id, at the time you create your profile. Here again, to make the process more secure, you would be required to validate your email-id after you create your profile, without which you would not be able to completely register on our site and as such you will not be able to make purchases.

You will be responsible for any type of access and purchases made on www.othhealth.com, by anyone who uses your identification and password. It is solely your responsibility to protect your confidentiality, including your email-id and password.

You are required to notify iOTH in case of unauthorized use of your identification and password or any other security breach to your account on www.othhealth.com.

You can also de-active your membership on www.othhealth.com, any time by simply going to ‘my account’ tab.

Restriction of Use

Children under the age of 14 years are restricted to use or submit any information on this website, without proper guidance of their parents or guardians. You need to agree that you provide appropriate and accurate information to www.othhealth.com and that you will maintain and promptly update any changes in the provided information. You are solely responsible for all your communications and the consequences resulting from these communications.

Limitations on the Right to Use

Any type of unauthorized usage of this website by you, or by any other person or entity, on your behalf by creating fake IDs or accounts with passwords through fraudulent means, to cause damage, or to degrade or infringe privacy, violate law and security and to exploit this website commercially by copying or downloading its contents, storing personal data, selling it or negatively affecting the website by any manner or for any cause, shall be deemed as breach of the law and anyone found guilty would be subjected under the purview of Indian Law.

Third Party Links

www.othhealth.com may make various functional changes to its website design, or may make changes in content at any time. The website may also at times provide links to other websites which are not maintained by www.othhealth.com. It should be noted that only third party links may be present at www.othhealth.com and our website does not endorse any of those sites and www.othhealth.com will not be responsible for the content available on such other sites. www.othhealth.com and its affiliates, stakeholders, promoters, directors, employees, officers and other members of the company make no claims and therefore do not stand responsible for any sort of information available on those websites.

Restriction of Liability

Under any given circumstances, neither the owners, directors, representatives, officers, members, executives, managers, affiliates, agents, executive directors nor the employees or chairman shall be liable to you or any other party for damages of any type including, but not restricted to, goodwill, incidental, direct, indirect, revenues, consequential loss of data due to access to, dependence of, use of, inability to use or improper use of www.othhealth.com website.


The privacy policy, terms and conditions and also the use of this website shall be governed by the Indian laws. Any legal action, dispute or legal matter related to this website shall be dealt within the jurisdiction of Solan courts.


OTH Health makes sure to provide proper pricing. However, it should be noted that product pricing may change any time due to the revised rates or due to revision policy or product promotion. Sometimes product prices may also have errors or misprints. www.othhealth.com may discontinue or revise the products at any time. Policies on product prices, quantities as well as promotions are subjected to change without any prior notice.

Orders and Payment Terms

www.othhealth.com accepts payments via credit card, debit card or PayU. The payment terms and modes are at a sole discretion of www.othhealth.com. You are required to make the payment once the order is accepted. The invoice for the payment shall be generated after the payment of goods purchased. OTH Health has no binding with you till the time the orders are accepted for delivery, and has all the rights to limit the quantity of orders, accept or refuse the shipment of any product to any consumer for any reason or for whatsoever reason, with or without any prior notice.

Product Promotions

www.othhealth.com offers products on special prices, discounts or discounts on specific quantities or shipping charges as a product promotion strategy only for a limited period or on limited products till the stock lasts. www.othhealth.com reserves all rights to accept promotional orders at its sole discretion and can decline orders if it finds them fraudulent. Promotions and prices are subjected to change without any notice.

Product Loss

Any sort of product damage or product loss during its shipping from www.othhealth.com to the customer by the courier service selected by OTH Health is its responsibility and if selected by the customer then it’s the responsibility of the consumer.

Restriction of Liability

OTH Health will not stand liable for any loss incurring out of a product, shipping or service, any loss of profit or business or any sort of direct or indirect, consequential or inconsequential damages or any other claim arising from a third party or third party claims.


www.othhealth.com disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including but not restricted to, warranties of merchantability and any other type of warranties for any purpose.

Purchasing From the Website

When you purchase any product from www.othhealth.com, the products will be shipped to the address you provide in the ‘shipping address’ field. Every product that is shipped will be accompanied with a legal tax invoice, which is to be received by you. If, for any reason, you do not receive the legal tax invoice, you are requested to inform us immediately.

Typographical Errors

In the event if any of our products is listed under wrong pricing, with incorrect information due to any typological error made by iOTH while uploading the information, iOTH Health shall exercise full right to cancel any of such orders placed for products listed under incorrect pricing. In case your payment has been received for any of the products placed under wrong pricing due to any kind of error, iOTH shall issue you a credit note and will refund your amount for the same.

Refund Policy at OTH Health

No refunds will be issued if:

  • The returned product bears noticeable damages or is tampered by/with you
  • You have partially used/consumed the product
  • If you provide the wrong shipping address
  • The product is dispatched already and is en-route to you
All refunds will be issued if:
  • The product you ordered is not in stock with us
  • You return the product in good condition, without any damages and your reason for return is deemed acceptable by our management
  • The shipping address provided by you is not serviceable by us

Things to consider:

In case you wish to request for a refund before the product has been shipped out, you are required to inform us within 1 hour of making your purchase. This is important as we dispatch all orders within an hour of confirmation of the purchase made.

If you are requesting for a refund on a product you are returning, then kindly refer to the refunds section below such that you can comply with the returns policy. You are also requested to speak to us before you return the product.

Any purchases made from www.othhealth.com, using stolen id and password or stolen cards will not be entitled for refund. OTH Health is not liable to pay any amount that may have been charged to the customer in case of a stolen or lost card or in the event where the log-in id and password of the customer is compromised.

Return policy at OTH Health

The acceptable reasons for return at OTH Health include:

  • All the shipments made by OTH Health are carefully inspected before being dispatched. However, if due to any error from our end, you receive the wrong or incorrect number of products, you are requested to notify us within 24 hours of the delivery made.
  • In case you received a damaged product.
We will not accept returns if:
  • If you notify us of a return after 24 hours of receiving the product(s).
  • If you’ve already opened and used a part of the product you wish to return.
  • The product you are returning should arrive at our facility within 7 days of receipt by you. Also, before making any returns, you are requested to contact us, either through email or phone and provide us a reason for your return, your credentials along with your order number.

The product(s) will be accepted as returned only if they are returned in original condition. Damaged, used or tampered products will not qualify for a return and no refund will be processed in such cases.

Product(s) must be returned in original packaging with proper seal. You must make use of a ‘track able’ courier for all your returns and share the docket/ tracking number with our team.

If we find you eligible for a refund, we will initiate the process only after we receive the acceptable return.


All sorts of disputes, differences, claims, controversies and questions arising in connection with or/ and in relation to these terms and conditions that the parties are unable to settle between themselves, shall be settled in accordance to the rules of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.

Standard Disclaimer

All products sold on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.