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Advancing technological changes and sedentary lifestyles are making people live under unnatural time pressures. This in combination with the unhealthy eating habits is making people face a myriad of physical ailments. Helping you lead a healthier life, iOTH is determined to provide you the purest form of best nutritional supplements to fill in the essential nutrient gaps from your diet. Popular as the best vitamins for skin and best supplements brand in India, at iOTH we only make use of industry's optimum R&D and technical capabilities to develop quality research based formulations for boosting the nutritional benefits for our customers.


iOTH is on a never-ending quest to uncover the most exceptional ingredients on earth. Cutting-edge science research and development allows us to harness nature's secrets and create the most luxurious formulations imaginable. A perfect fusion of natural ingredients, science and tradition, it is part of our ongoing quest to source the finest and most exotic ingredients from across the world to give you noting but the best vitamin supplements in India.

Let’s Start The Health Revolution


Nature holds the key to a good life. It all begins with the freshest and purest raw materials. At iOTH, we source our health boosting vitamins and supplements only from the most valuable varieties across the world. Through constant research and discovery, we isolate the most efficacious ingredients, unlocking nature’s secrets to a healthy living and harnessing its power by formulating it into scientifically proven formula.

  • iDaily-D

    Most treasured Vitamin D the Sunshine Vitamin stuffed in softgel. Now enjoy instant luxury of everyday sunshine for healthy bones & flexible joints with greater immune health.

  • iResveraYouth

    Nature’s most potent survival secrets unleashed. A novel way of protecting skin from accelerated aging. Lavishly anti-oxidizing, luxuriously nurturing, it helps skin become more resilient and renewed, look younger, longer.

  • Healthy Glow

    Extravagantly potent & sumptuous source of natural Vitamin E, Healthy Glow accentuates your wellness levels by providing unmatched heart, skin and immune health.


    Sourced from the pristine cold waters of the world’s oceans, this rich source of Omega 3 provides for total heart, joint and skin health.

  • iVitalise

    A lavish blend of potent rich nutrients and antioxidants like Coenzyme Q10, Lycopene, Selenium, Omega-3 fatty acids awaken the natural defenses of your body for total renewal and protection.

  • Pure Primrose 1000

    Most compelling health secrets from nature’s bounty seized. Luxuriously hydrating, Pure Primrose helps protect cells from oxidative damage with plush antioxidant benefits.

  • Super Omega Triplexpert

    A revelation born out of never-ending pursuit to create unmatched healthcare that goes beyond luxury. This revolutionary immune boosting phenomenon elevates total health from head-to-toe.

  • Tough And Ton

    Next generation supplement for unprecedented levels of healthcare. Advanced bioavailable form of Vitamin B12 intelligently combined with calcium for healthy nervous system, bone & immune health.

  • iMultiply

    Who on earth has the potential to go beyond limits and give you the most precious nutrients of all times! iMultiply the promise of timeless health, fulfilled.


    Unveil the infinite health secrets of oceans with Pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil innovatively infused with Vitamin E for extravagant cardiovascular and immune health benefits.

  • Eye Wonder

    Eyes are first to show signs of aging. Add a sparkle to your eyes with this rare and precious formula for richly indulged and healthy eyes.

  • Max Joint Triplexpert

    Lavish essence of three powerful ingredients combined to unleash antioxidant benefits from within. It offers a surge of energy for promoting healthy & flexible joints.

  • Biotin

    The word ‘Biotin’ is derived from a Greek word “biotos”, which means “sustenance” or “life”. An essential vitamin, Biotin helps maintain hair, skin, eyes, liver & nervous system health.

  • Flaxseed Oil

    One of the most incredible benefits offered by Flaxseed oil includes being one of the best and richest sources of vegetable-based, essential omega 3 fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9).

  • CoEnzyme Q10

    Popularly known as the “miracle nutrient” or “universal antioxidant”, Coenzyme Q10 is found in the mitochondria – the tiny little energy centers that exist in each cell.


    The leaves of carica papaya plant have been used variously, for the treatment of pyrexia, gonorrhea, inflammation, fevers, diabetes, and syphilis and also as dressing for septic wounds.


    An advanced urinary support formulation by iOTH that combines the proven efficacy of cranberry extract with the scientifically validated effects of naturally occurring D-Mannose


    Formulated with a correct combination of amino acids, burl Aminos is the perfect amino fuel for your body. It is an elixir for vegetarians as they do not get the sufficient amount of amino acids from diet alone.


    Wheat germ oil is a natural ally for taking good care of the skin and keeping it look and feel beautiful. This is because the oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E, which provides complete moisture to the skin and fights premature aging.


    The word ‘Biotin’ is derived from a Greek word “biotos”, which means “sustenance” or “life”. An essential vitamin, Biotin helps maintain hair, skin, eyes, liver & nervous system health.

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iOTH’s products embodies years of advanced research and constant discovery. We’ve been working on the most efficacious constituents to unearth their true potential to give you nothing but the most effective health supplements online. All our products are subjected to stringent quality assurance to give our customers the much needed peace of mind knowing they are in safe hands.

Our exclusive range of vitamins and supplements is intelligently formulated to help you achieve the health benefits you’ve always wanted. It’s our oath to provide you with nothing but the highest quality in our industry to ensure you get to buy best dietary supplements online.

After all, nothing is more important to us than your health!

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  • A fusion of Nature, Science and Tradition
  • Cutting-edge nutritional science
  • Truth in labelling
  • Commitment to exceptional quality
  • Luxurious formulations
  • Exotic ingredients
  • Extensive R&D
  • Life essential nutrients
  • Individualized health care products
  • PCB and heavy metal tested products

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