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Milk Thistle oil

A natural herb, Silymarin Milk thistle has been used for 2000 years as a remedy for supporting liver, gall bladder and kidney health. It contains silymarin, a flavonoid which is largely responsible for most of its beneficial effects, including liver protection, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Although native to the Mediterranean, milk thistle is today found throughout the world. The herb gets its characteristic name from the milky-white liquid which runs off the plant’s leaves when they are crushed.

How Does Milk Thistle Work

Silymarin, the active ingredient in milk thistle, is actually made up of three main flavonoids – Silybin, Silydianin, Silychristin - all these work together to provide multiple health benefits. Silymarin is nature’s very own liver protector and supporter. But how does it do it?

Milk thistle displays anti-fibrotic properties, meaning that it helps prevent the tissue scarring. It is also thought to act as a “toxin blockage agent” as it inhibits the binding of numerous toxins to cell membrane receptors of the liver.

Silymarin milk thistle can also be used as an efficient remedy for alcoholic liver disease, toxin-induced liver diseases and chronic and acute viral hepatitis. Various studies have shown that this powerful herb can effectively reduce liver injury caused due to a number of drugs or environmental toxins.

iOTH Milk Thistle – What You Need To Know

Milk thistle (silybum marianum) has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy for a number of ailments. According to research, silymarin (a flavonoid) found in milk thistle is the key component that protects the liver from toxins, such as certain drugs that can cause liver damage if taken in high doses. Silymarin is widely used to treat liver poisoning, viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis and alcoholic fatty liver. It may also help liver repair and heal itself by assisting it in growing new cells. This nature’s wonder herb also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Some research has shown that milk-thistle can prove efficient in controlling blood sugar in individuals with diabetes, with and without liver disease and may be helpful in certain conditions like diabetic nephropathy (kidney disease). Silymarin may increase the effectiveness and efficiency of conventional cancer therapies while it may also result in reducing their toxicity. Studies have indicated that silymarin milk thistle may prove helpful in efficiently treating ovarian, prostate, liver and breast cancers - according to reports in Integrative Cancer Therapies and other journals.

Why Choose iOTH Silymarin Milk Thistle

  • Natural liver support and protection formula
  • Supports liver health & aids in healthy liver activity
  • Protects liver detoxification & waste elimination
  • Protects the outer membrane of liver cells
  • Dietary supplement
  • Powerful antioxidant

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Silymarin milk thistle is one of the most consistently effective herbs for maintaining and promoting overall health. There is no single plant that can benefit the body so much as milk thistle. This is especially true for women who have taken pharmaceutical drugs or hormone replacement, as they have livers that are far less efficient in cleansing the body of toxins. As a result of this, they would have health issues they would normally not have.

Other benefits of silymarin milk thistle for women include –

  • May help control diabetes – According to research, silymarin content of milk thistle may help control the symptoms of diabetes mainly by helping with glycemic control. Also the powerful antioxidant support offered by milk thistle may help decrease blood sugar levels in patients with insulin-resistance.
  • Promote healthy skin – Studies indicate that the phytochemicals present in silymarin milk thistle may effectively inhibit oxidative stress induced by UV light. If ignored, the UV light induced oxidative stress may cause some very serious skin diseases.
  • Anti-ageing protection – The powerful antioxidant protection provided by silymarin milk thistle helps prevent free radical damage to the body. This not only helps to eliminate the waste and pollutants from the blood & digestive tract, but can actually slow the aging process. This not only works on the surface of your skin, but within your organs. So taking milk thistle is an easy way to prevent skin damage, such as fine lines & wrinkles, discoloration and dark spots.

Silymarin milk thistle can also prove effective for maintaining the health of your eyes, muscles and joints.

Most men think that prostate problems come along with age and it’s a common problem, especially with middle-aged men. This doesn’t necessarily have to happen to every man. Silymarin milk thistle possesses powerful flavonoids that help promote prostate health as well as hormone balance in men. What’s even more interesting is the fact that milk thistle offers numerous benefits to the liver and gall bladder functions for men.

Silymarin Milk Thistle & Prostate Health

According to research, silibinin helps control protein development to ensure the prostate cells function normally as a man ages. Additionally, flavonolignans (compounds found in milk thistle), have also been identified as the powerful protective agents that promote prostate health. The potency of silibinin combined with powerful effects of flavonolignans provides unsurpassed prostate health support for men.

Other benefits of Milk Thistle for men include –

  • Liver detoxification – As a liver support, milk thistle is a powerful detoxifier. It functions by rebuilding the cells, while removing the toxins from the body – the ones that are processed through the liver. This wonder herb is highly effective at naturally reversing the damaging effects of alcohol consumption, heavy metals in the water supply, and pesticides in the foods that you eat and the pollution in the air that you breathe in.
  • Lower high cholesterol – Silymarin Milk Thistle is considered to be potent anti-inflammatory. This makes it ideal for promoting heart health and lowering high levels of cholesterol.
  • Prevent gallstones – Liver is one of the major digestive organs in the body. As the liver and other digestive organs, such as pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys and intestines work together to improve liver health so much, so milk thistle is also able to help prevent gall stones and kidney stones.

Silymarin milk thistle is quite unique in its ability to protect the liver from damage. It is being widely used to treat alcoholic fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, viral hepatitis, liver poisoning, jaundice and cirrhosis. It has also shown to protect the liver against the damaging effects of medicinal drugs when taken in high doses. This is especially true for aging adults owing to the many medications they are sometimes required to take due to various ailments or generally to promote health.

Milk thistle contains silymarin and silybin – both of which display powerful antioxidant properties which protect the liver from toxins, including the effects of alcohol. Silymarin, not only increases glutathione – a powerful antioxidant that is crucial for liver detoxification – but it also helps regenerate the liver cells.

Beyond liver – silymarin milk thistle benefits for old age

  • Diabetes (type 2) – Research initiates that milk thistle can help improve blood sugar control in people with diabetes, with or without any liver disease.
  • Acute viral hepatitis – According to recent research milk thistle may also prove beneficial for liver inflammation or acute viral hepatitis caused due to infection from a virus.
  • Diabetic nephropathy (kidney disease) - Research indicates that milk thistle may help improve urine and blood markers that are generally associated with diabetic kidney disease.
  • Allergic nasal symptoms – Limited research points that milk thistle may also be effectively used to treat allergic nasal symptoms.
  • Amanita phalloides mushroom poisoning – Milk thistle has been traditionally used to treat Amanita phalloides mushroom poisoning.
  • Heartburn – Milk thistle may be effective in decreasing heart burn.
  • Osteoarthritis – Early research suggest that the anti-inflammatory effects of milk thistle may help people with osteoarthritis.

Silymarin milk thistle is generally safe when taken by mouth in prescribed amounts. Most people do not experience any side-effects with this supplement as it is well tolerated when used at recommended dosages. However, if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.


FAQ's on Milk Thistle - Milk Thistle Supplement

Silymarin milk thistle is the recommended as a natural treatment for various liver problems, such as - jaundice, cirrhosis, hepatitis as well as gallbladder disorders. Milk thistle may also provide benefits for –

  • Heart problems by lowering cholesterol
  • May help with diabetes in people with type II diabetes and cirrhosis

iOTH Silymarin milk thistle comes in a two month supply (60 Softgels).

iOTH Silymarin milk thistle have 18 months of shelf life.

It is important you consult your Health Care Provider before taking this supplement, is you have certain medical conditions.

Also, if you are pregnant or taking any medications do consult your doctor before use. Do not use this product this without any medical advice if you are breast-feeding a baby.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.