Better Tone up with ‘NO’ Supplements

Your urge for a stronger musculature makes you sweat and slog in the gym. As you advance with this body building mission you tend to get more updated on the various supplements that will help you build your muscles much more efficiently. So, you obviously must know about protein shakes, whey powders, stimulants etc. But there is something else that can help you to optimize your efforts. These are NO supplements. And NO means nothing but Nitric Oxide! Yes. This simple compound can help you have vein popping effects that can make you grab more oxygen and nutrients for better recovery from fatigue. Following are some advantages of Nitric oxide supplements:


Athletes training for long distance events can use supplements enriched with nitric acid for better performances. As discussed before, these supplements increase the oxygen supply to the cells and relieve you from running out of energy. Nitric oxide supplements are highly recommended for people training at high altitudes.


If Gyming leaves you dead tired, supplements with Nitric oxide are just meant for you. These supplements make the smooth muscles in your body to relax and thus allow more oxygen to flow to the muscles. The primary function of nitric oxide is speedy recovery which makes you spend more hours on intensive work outs.


Your body heats up when you exercise which triggers its natural cooling mechanism. This process requires energy. As a result, your energy levels droop to ultra low levels. Nitric oxide improves the blood flow to the tissues and thus quickens the cooling mechanism. So, you are left with more energy for work outs!


Who doesn’t love bulged out muscles look post exercise? This happens due to increased blood flow to the muscles after a rigorous work out. So, as Nitric oxide helps to improve the blood flow, it also helps to enhance the muscle pump. Surely a good way to keep you motivated!

All the above points will translate in to a better performance during work outs with an improved endurance level. However, seeking a medical advice before indulging in these supplements is a must. Nitric oxide supplements may have certain negative effects that can be managed with proper medical guidance. Some side effects of nitric oxide supplements are:

Effects Blood Pressure : Being a vasodilator, nitric acid may lead to decrease in blood pressure causing dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. It is advised to stop using this supplement in case these symptoms occur.

Make You More Prone To Herpes : Supplements with Nitric Oxide are generally rich in L- Arginine which helps to promote the replication of herpes virus. Outbreak of herpes has been noted in various cases just a few days after starting NO supplements. Thus people prone to herpes infections must avoid these supplements.

Stomach Problems : Don’t consume NO supplements with empty stomach. This may lead to stomach cramps and nausea. It is best to consult your doctor is the problem continues.

Disturb The Electrolyte Balance : Refrain from NO rich supplements if you have liver or kidney issues as they can affect the processes involved in maintaining the levels of electrolytes in the body. Excess of NO can increase the levels of urea and creatinine which can have deleterious effects on the health.

Bleeding : Drop the idea of consuming NO supplements, if you are dealing with a blood disorder or are taking blood thinning drugs. The vasodilatory effect of NO relaxes the blood vessels which can lead to excessive bleeding.

Depamine Levels : You may be disturbing your dopamine transporters while consuming nitric oxide products. Dopamine is an essential neurotransmitter which plays a vital role primarily in managing your memory and sleep cycles. So, reconsider taking these supplements if you face any symptoms related to sleep or memory.

Other sources of Nitric oxide:
  • Dark Chocolate: Try chocolate for your cheat days. This will surely make your taste buds happy but along with that it is known to trigger NO production in the body. What more can a health freak ask for!
  • Capsicum: Take the spicier way to get nitric oxide naturally. Capsaicin, a compound found in capsicum and other spicy food products stimulates the receptors in the blood vessels which result in NO production in the body.
  • Tofu: This non dairy cheese mimic is rich in isofalvanoids and these help to produce NO naturally in the body.
  • Sunlight and Exercise : Did you think that sun can only push up your vitamin D levels? Along with that sunlight stimulates the conversion of nitrite present in the skin to nitric oxide. Another good reason to enjoy the sun, isn’t it? Exercise it known to stimulate NO production too.

So, get ready to say ‘Yes’ to NO and be ready for some incredible benefits.