Why is Selenium Good For You?

A human body is really one of its kind, its precious and really very diversified in nature. It is made up of a large number of organs, a freaking number of bones i.e 206 to be precise and a endless in number body tissues and cells. As we humans grow our body also grows by leaps and bounds, then be it be the physical appearance of our body or the mental section of the body, we humans grow throwout. Growing up seems to be a cakewalk as we see our elder counterparts grow up with so much ease, when young all we want is grow old on the go and enjoy all the things which are a total no no for us at this point of time.

During this whole process of growing up and maintaining our health, our body needs several vitamins and minerals in this course of growth. One such mineral is selenium, are you thinking what is it or how is selenium good for you, stay up and keep reading the blog further.

What is Selenium?

You may not be aware that your body needs selenium in some amount. Just like all other vital minerals, it’s very important for the proper functioning of the human body, though our body need it in far less quantity in the body unlike several other essential vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, folate,iron to name a few of them among the whole group. That is the reason why selenium is referred to as a micronutrient.

Here’s why selenium is good for you in any form?
Selenium is basically a mineral found in very low amounts in the human body. Why is selenium good for you because it works in the body as a vital antioxidant, especially when it combines with vitamin E. These antioxidants such as selenium help the body to fight against its damaging particles which is precisely called free radicals. These free radicals can lead to a huge damage cell membranes and the body’s DNA It also contributes to the process of aging and another set of many body conditions which include coronary diseases and several types of cancer. Selenium as an antioxidants can lead to neutralizing the level of free radicals in the body and also in many cases leads to a reduction or help in preventing some of the damage these radicals cause to the human body.

Scientists have also derived from several studies that selenium has a important role to play in the body’s production of important nutrients called selenoproteins, which is a family of proteins which contain traces of selenium in the form of amino acids. So far about twenty five different selenoproteins are isolated in the human body, but among them only half of their possible functions are only identified

Ways to get Selenium In Your Body

If you are convinced that with the fact and as a yes to the question is selenium good for you, then you must be looking for ways to add selenium to your body. Selenium is not a highly found minerals its just found in small quantities and is very difficult to get a reach of at times. So, here’s a list of food products that are rich in selenium and can hiken the mineral’s level in your body.

  • Brazil Nuts- Don’t go by the name, these nuts are available in mostly all parts of the world and contain high levels of selenium in them in comparison to other food products.

  • Seafood- If you are a non-vegetarian and love eating sea food, you problem of fulfilling your body’s selenium needs is solved. All you need to do is cook an oyster, it has very high selenium content, and just eat it and your deliciously solved your health issue.

  • Fish- Other seafood entry in the rich selenium food stuff list is fish, especially tuna which when cooked well is a great way to increase your selenium intake on the go.

  • Whole Wheat Bread- One of the easily available sources of selenium is the whole wheat bread which when eaten in any form gives rise to the selenium levels of the human body.

  • Sunflower Seeds- Known for several other benefits it causes to the human body another addition to the goodness list of sunflower seeds is that it updates the body’s level of selenium. Have it any form and the selenium are instantly up in the body.

  • Chicken And Turkey- Are you selenium deficient? don’t worry just cook chicken more often and have it good amounts to increase your selenium levels in addition to other benefits it has on you. In case of Turkey, don’t wait for thanksgiving cook more of it to keep the body’s mineral levels up.