Has Your Husband Been Complaining About Joint Pain Lately? It’s Time You Take Him for a Professional Check-Up!

Cracking ankles, knees and hips are not essentially the normal aches which come with routine exertion or growing age. If your husband has been complaining of any of these lately, you need to be cautions as these might be the symptoms of serious joint pain. Although, you’ll come across many natural supplements for joint pain, but what’s best for your man, will largely be determined by your family health care provider. This way, you’ll make sure that your husband gets nothing but the best joint supplements and joint vitamin supplements for his aching bones.

Most men usually shy away from stethoscopes just the way vampires recoil from crosses. They tend to neglect their health and act careless while making food choices. This in addition to their hectic work schedules, sedentary lifestyles with relentless smoking and drinking habits makes them vulnerable to developing some high complicated health issues.

Statistically, it has been proved that men on an average are the major decision makers when it comes to maintaining their family’s complete health. But, the question is – why do they slack off when it comes to their own health?

As women you know, it can only take a medical emergency to take your husband down to the doctor. However, if he’s been complaining a bit too much about a twinge in the knee, or a shooting pain in the shoulder, chances are that he’s lacking on essential vitamins for strong bones and this is something that demands your serious attention!

It Is Important You Get the Right Diagnosis Done

Arthritis is an elaborative term simply defines inflammation of the joints. However, its diagnosis is not that simple. Reason?

Over 100 different forms of arthritis have been recognized till date. This is one main reason, why a professional check-up is important for your husband to get the right diagnosis done, such that you get the right treatment with right vitamin supplements to relieve his joint pain.

There is yet another reason for you to take your husband to see a doctor – there are many different conditions which can aggravate the symptoms of joint pain. For instance, gout one of the many forms of arthritis, if left unattended can lead to osteoarthritis.

You would be surprised to know but joint pain can also be a result of a form of cancer that spreads to the joints. So, which natural supplements will work best to sooth the joint pain? This question can only be answered by your doctor.

Are You Aware Of the Common Joint Pain Related Conditions?

If you think that joint pain is a part of the normal part of aging process or is due to over-exertion or hard work out and that it’s no big deal and you’ll gradually learn to live with it – then you’re up for a bad news!

Joint pains are a serious problem and this is why doctors offer a wealth of treatment options to curb this pain. Then be it any form of exercise, alternative medications to choosing the best joint supplements and replacement surgery – there’s no dearth of effective treatment choices.

Some of the common joint pain related conditions include:

  1. Osteoarthritis

Often referred to as the degenerative joint disease, Osteoarthritis is the most common type of joint pain disease. As we grow older, cartilage that provides the cushion support and works as a shock absorber for our joints, loses its elasticity and becomes stiff. This makes it more vulnerable to damage. Osteoarthritis can occur at any joint in the body, including fingers, knee, spine, etc.

Common symptoms of Osteoarthritis include – joint ache followed by soreness and bony knots in the joints. For instant pain relief, you can opt for medications and alternative supplements as prescribed by your doctor.

  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Joint inflammation that occurs on both sides of the body differentiates Rheumatoid Arthritis form other types of joint pains. However, it causes similar symptoms as other types of arthritis, including joint pain, fatigue and stiffness.

Do not make the mistake of considering Rheumatoid Arthritis as any ordinary form of benign joint disease. It can be a cause of early death if left unattended and untreated.

  1. Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) and Temporal Arteritis (TA)

Most often these inflammatory diseases occur together and as such are thought to be related. It involves the larger joints of the body, including shoulders and hips. Both these conditions are generally caused when the body’s immune system reacts against itself.

Common symptoms include pain and severe stiffness in the shoulder and hip joints, weight loss, fever and fatigue. If left untreated, TA can lead to irreversible blindness, transient is-chemic attacks and strokes.

What Can You Do To Help Your Husband Get over the Joint Pain?

While there is no permanent cure for joint pain, you can still help your husband find relief from pain by following treatments from simple lifestyle changes to medications to best joint supplements to surgery.

In addition, heat or cold packs could also be tried to gain instant pain relief and see what works better for your husband. But remember, whether it is heat or ice pack, neither should be placed on the joints for more than 20 minutes, at a time.