Overweight? Let Weight Loss Vitamins Help you!

Are you dealing with ‘I cannot fit in my old clothes’ stage? Well, this is the time to shun the elevator and use the stairs. Weight loss may be a short phrase but is a very long phase. It needs patience- a lot of it, self control and too much of hard work. Although, a strict workout schedule is necessary, some weight loss vitamins can be quite helpful to shed your extra fat. Vitamins and health are closely related. Let’s make an analogy. Imagine there is a huge machine which is made to run the whole day. Now start removing its screws one by one. It won’t make a difference initially but eventually the machine will become too weak to work. These screws are like the ‘Vitamins’ in your body. They may be required in small quantities but their deficiency adversely affects our health. However, during weight loss we tend to focus only on the nutrients that provide energy such as proteins. But, vitamins have a very important role to play here:

  • Vitamin B complex present in oats, eggs, wheat bran, helps in regulating your metabolism which is necessary for weight loss. Inositol which is a member of this family helps to break down fats, which makes it an indispensible vitamin for weight loss.

  • While dieting, your main aim is to burn the extra calories and Vitamin C does just that for you! It helps to convert sugar into energy and prevents it from pilling up.

Apart from the vitamins, there are several natural weight loss supplements that help you burn your fats. Ever heard of diatomaceous earth? Yes the ones used to clean the pool! This may sound bizarre but the food grade quality of these fossilized algae can help you not only to lose your weight but also manage your cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Also, there are Chia seeds- a rich source of Omega 3, fucoxanthin, whey protein and many more supplements which you can easily pick up online. You must consult your dietitian before starting any supplement.

When you make a resolution to lose weight, your work is already half done! Now all you need to do is, stick to it, eat well, and work out!

The Right way to Diet

Follow a healthy eating plan

A healthy diet plan should include ample of fresh fruits, green vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, seafood, legumes and nuts. Have lots of fiber in the form of salads. Keep your vitamins intake in check. Apart from all the other benefits, vitamins act as mood elevators too.

Nothing will work out without ‘work out’

Exercise is a powerful approach to help you burn calories and increase your strength, balance, and coordination while reducing stress and improving your overall health. You may hit the gym, practice yoga or indulge in aerobics. But, don’t just focus on your diet and miss out on exercise. Eating healthfully and cutting calories is only half the recipe for weight lose. The other but indispensable part is regular physical activity.

Go nutty

Nuts make you feel fuller and also keep your energy levels gushed up throughout the day. So, always keep your pockets loaded with nuts.

Don’t take big steps

We all know how hard it is to change your diet plan. But change should be made gradually. Try leaving your unhealthy eating habits one by one and finally you will reach your goal.

Set achievable goals

Losing 10 kilograms in a month is just impossible. So don’t dream. Leading a healthy lifestyle after following an unhealthy diet plan for years is difficult and will take time. Have patience and be satisfied if you observe a reducing trend.

Reward yourself

Treat yourself with your favorite dessert if you achieve a mini target. Don’t worry! That won’t nullify all your efforts but in fact will motivate you to achieve more.

Track your meal

If you are eating outside your house, keep a track on how much calories you are taking. Go for the healthier options like baked or steamed instead of fried, juice in place cold drinks etc. Go for small sized meals and combine it with a salad if needed.

Weight loss requires constant motivation, self control and patience. So, keep going well on this bumpy road to health!