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Rapunzel let down your hair!’ And the next thing you see is long, glossy hair flowing down the tower strong enough to tow the prince up and happy ending for her! But what about most of us who struggle through the busy morning hours combing, curling or straightening our frizzy hair to make them look presentable, at least. Switching from one shampoo to another only gives disappointment after a while. So, why not nourish our hair from within and take the nutritious way to get gorgeous hair? There are many vital vitamins for hair which will not only boost your hair growth but will also make them healthy and strong.

Most common Hair Problems:

  • Hair fall: Your heart skips a beat when you see your hair falling off at an alarming rate.

  • Premature Graying of hair: Graying with age is fine but premature graying may happen due to melanocyte damage. Melanocytes produce melanin which gives hair its characteristic color. However, any damage to these cells results in absence of melanin and hence graying.

  • Dandruff: Dandruff is the flaking caused due to excessive shedding of the dead skin cells. It is the most common problem faced by adults around the world. Dandruff can occur because of dryness, fungal infection and even in response to a harsh shampoo.

  • Rough and dull hair: Silky and shiny hair is everyone’s dream but pollution, weather or improper diet can spoil the hair texture.

Following are some key ingredients that make the best vitamin supplements for your hair to give them the much needed nourishment:

Vitamin A:

Longing for long, shiny hair? This vitamin is your remedy. Vitamin A prevents dryness and keeps your scalp moisturised. Egg yolk, milk, spinach, carrots are good sources of Vitamin A.

Vitamin B complex:

This group of vitamins is an elixir for your hair. Eggs, cauliflower, nuts contain biotin or Vitamin B7 which takes care of your hair’s texture and thickness. And if you are struggling with hair loss, foods such as legumes, whole grains, fish, and eggs which are loaded with Vitamin B12 can be helpful.

There are various brands offering biotin enriched shampoos too. However, along with their use, it is best to also keep your body’s vitamin levels under check through food or some of the best vitamin supplements available in the market. One of them is iOTH’s iMultiply which not only contains all the essential vitamins and minerals but also omega 3 and lutein for overall health benefits.

Vitamin C

Your favorite lime water not only refreshes you but also nourishes your hair. Daily intake of Vitamin C through food items or supplements is essential for your hair’s health. Some of the Vitamin C rich food items are: Lemons, guavas, kiwis, strawberries.

Vitamin E

Antioxidant Vitamin E is particularly believed to be good for hair growth and regeneration. Also its antioxidant properties help in protecting your cells from oxidative damage which is responsible for premature graying. Almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts are rich sources of Vitamin E.

The Benefits of Vitamin Supplements

Having said everything, if you are asked to create a diet plan incorporating all the essential vitamins for your hair, and stick to it every day, you would rather opt for the daily morning hair tussle. Wouldn’t it be easy if you won’t have to take care of your daily vitamin intake and someone else does it for you? Say hello to a myriad of vitamin supplements that are flooding the market. And if you are too occupied to even visit a health store, you can now buy vitamin supplements online! You are just a click away from a range of products from different brands. Some even offer cheap vitamin supplements. However, don’t get carried away by low prices and go for a product only after considering its quality, composition and brand reputation! Also, don’t forget to consult your doctor before starting any new supplement.

If relying on best vitamin supplements alone for healthy hair is just not enough for you, here are some more solutions. These may not help you tow a prince with your hair, but can certainly make him come after you!

  • Avoid vigorous head massage

None of us can deny believing that a good head massage improves blood circulation. Break this myth as oiling your hair and scalp may help you to get rid of the dryness but it can be too harsh on your scalp. Vigorous massage causes damage of the hair follicles and hair breakage. It is only exercise that can improve blood circulation to your scalp making the roots healthy and strong.

  • Protect your hair from UV damage and pollution

Cover your head when you are out in the scorching sun to protect it from harmful sunrays. Covering your hair will protect them from pollution and thus maintain their luster.

  • Use anti-fungal shampoos

These can be used to treat dandruff after consulting your doctor to get rid of the infection if any and don’t forget to keep away from the use of cheap vitamins for your hair.

  • Abstain from heat treatments

Heat treatments can damage the cuticle or the outer layer of your hair thus inducing breakage.

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