Why Do You Need Omega-3 Cod Liver Fish Oil During Pregnancy?

The benefits of omega-3 cod liver oil are extremely popular. In fact, scientists are now championing its health benefits on unborn bubs too. Does that mean intake of omega-3 is even more important during pregnancy? Read along to find out!

Foliate is extremely important for expectant women, or for women who are planning to get pregnant. This is because it helps reduce baby’s risk of being born with spina bifida or various other kinds of neural tube defects.

A recent research has concluded that omega-3 fatty acids may offer similar valuable health benefits in the development of unborn baby. According to this study, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a specific type of omega 3 fatty acid may help in brain development of babies. Another study reveals that women who regularly consumed omega-3 during pregnancy gave birth to babies with reduced risk of eczema and food allergies. Also, women with lower intake of omega-3 fatty acids substantially increased their risk of having early delivery.

Why Is Omega-3 Important?

Regular intake of omega-3 cod liver oil is crucial for maintaining proportionate balance of hormone like substance – prostaglandins. This is essential for maintaining various physiological functions such as blood clotting, blood pressure, allergic responses, nerve transmissions and inflammatory reactions, functions of gastrointestinal and kidneys tracts along with production of other hormones.

This specific role of omega-3 in producing extremely beneficial prostaglandins clearly explains its health benefits including improving cognitive function, prevention of heart diseases and regulation of inflammation.

That’s not all – high doses of omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to reduce mood disorders and new studies are now identifying their potential benefits to help improve a wide range of autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

Benefits of omega-3 during Pregnancy

Omega-3 cod liver oil has been found to be extremely essential for both early visual development and neurological development of the baby. Sadly, despite its vast health benefits, the standard diet of every second pregnant women is severely deficient in omega-3.

This specific omega-3 dietary deficiency is compounded by the fact that expecting women become depleted in omega-3s, as their fetus uses for the development of its nervous system. Omega-3s are also used after birth to make breast milk.

With every subsequent pregnancy mothers keep becoming deficient in omega-3 content. Therefore, adding DHA and EPA in the diet of a pregnant women, is by far the best way to enhance the visual and cognitive development of their babies. Various studies have also revealed that having higher doses of omega-3 cod liver fish oil during pregnancy may help reduce the risk of allergies in infants.

DHA and EPA have been shown to have individual effects on pregnancy as well. These not only prevent pre-term labor, but are known to reduce the risk of pre- eclampsia and may also increase birth weight.

A deficiency of omega-3 may increase the risk of depression in expecting mothers. This also helps explaining worsening of postpartum mood disorders which begin early with subsequent pregnancies.

How to Get Your Daily Dose of Omega-3s

The best sources to get omega-3 – DHA and EPA are cold water fishes including tuna, salmon, anchovies and sardines to name a few. However, a vast ratio of population across the globe is concerned about toxins and mercury content in fish, which makes it difficult to consume required quantities of omega-3, especially during pregnancy.

This is one main reason why, purified and reliable omega-3 supplements are often the safest source of unadulterated form of EPA and DHA. A superior quality fish oil supplement, such as Super Omega TriplExpert, from iOTH is perfect for delivering the innumerable health benefits of DHA and EPA without any potential risk of toxicity.

Omega-3 Myth Buster

There are people who believe that flaxseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acid content. However, it should be noted that flaxseed contains shorter chain of omega-3s, which is quite different from longer chain of EPA and DHA.

Expert Advice For Mums-To-Be

Mums-to-be are advised to take their regular doses of purified omega-3 supplement along with the essential vitamins that are already advocated. It should also be noted that whole folate still remains the most important supplement for pregnant women, expecting mothers should consider the latest findings on omega-3s for normal fetal growth and development.

Nutrients that Can Make you Smile!

When we were babies, we cried. Not because we used to be depressed but because of anything momentary. But as we grow old our feelings become more obscured and with higher depression levels. So, how could we deal with out tensions and stress without succumbing to depression. There are many benefits of vitamins for health. But research also shows that for mental health, vitamins have had incredibly good results.

B vitamins:

B vitamins tell you to ‘be positive’ by promising several health benefits. Vitamin B12 helps to improve mental health as it is known to play a vital role in producing mood elevating chemicals. Low levels of B vitamins such as vitamin B-6, B 12 and folic acid is directly associated with depression. In a recent study involving people with disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder and depression, B vitamin was found to be quite effective with lesser side effects than anti- depressant drugs. Vitamin B1 is important for regulating blood sugar which has a major impact on anxiety. Vitamin B3 is good for mental health as it helps in the production of a mood regulating hormone called serotonin. A poor diet or an inability to absorb the vitamins from diet can result in its deficiency. Older adults, vegetarians and people with digestive disorders such as celiac disease or Cohn’s disease have trouble in obtaining enough B-12. The best way to get enough B Vitamins is to eat a healthy diet that includes sources of essential nutrients. Vitamin B-12 is found in good amounts in animal products such as poultry, fish, meat, eggs, and fortified breakfast cereals also. In case of deficiency, doctors may recommend vitamin supplements for overall health benefits.

Vitamin D:

A bright sunny day automatically puts a smile on your face. But sun is in a way, literally responsible for better mood by playing a key role in Vitamin D production. Our body produces Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Scientific evidence has revealed that vitamin D deficiency is associated with depression. Vitamin D is important for bone health, cardiovascular health and is also found to be protective against cancer. A great deal of research is being conducted to discover newer health benefits of vitamin D. So as the list of benefits of this sunshine vitamin keeps becoming lengthier, the wisest thing to do is keep its levels in check!


Before you tag vitamins as real heroes for fighting depression, pay your attention towards minerals too. Apart from vitamins for optimal mental and physical health, minerals also have a major role to play in preventing depression. Magnesium is a calming mineral which not only improves the nervous system but also helps to prevent nervousness, fear and anxiety. Magnesium coupled with Vitamin B6 was shown to ease premenstrual symptoms, as well as menstrual cramps. Scientists have proved that taking calcium and magnesium at bedtime can help to promote sound sleep. If you are wondering where you can get your mineral sinks topped up from, consider taking a warm bath! Magnesium added to hot water can get absorbed from your skin. Also, many vegetables such as turnip, beans, spinach, .and broccoli are rich sources of calcium and magnesium. Adding herbs to your food is a great idea basil, oregano, peppermint, thyme are also good sources of calcium.

Omega-3s fatty acid:

You are probably aware of Omega-3 fatty acids and its innumerable health benefits. But quite recently, scientists have shown that a deficit of omega-3 fatty acids is associated with depression. Consumption of small amount of omega-3 fatty acids has been associated to depressive disorders as compared to people who get ample omega-3 fatty acids. Also, people who eat fish rarely are more likely to suffer from depression.  Supplementing your diet with fish oil for at least half a year was found to be responsible for better and happier moods in people. 

Apart from taking care of your diet, there are several changes that you must incorporate in your routine too.

Avoid indulging in depression inducing foods: Many people try to deal with depression by indulging in alcohol or drugs. These can not only reduce the effectiveness of your depression medications but also disturb the sleep pattern making your condition even more miserable. Instead spend more quality time with family and friends for a more contented life.

Keep your Weight in check: You that being overweight is bad for your health. But studies have indicated that obesity is also related to depression. This may result from the physical and hormonal changes that are associated with obesity. Thus the best way to improve your physical and mental health is to work out! Exercise will not only help you to burn your flab but it is also found to release some ‘feel good’ hormones.

So, stop being grumpy and improve your mental health with vitamins and other nutrients.


Fire up Your Fat Loss – Naturally

It’s time to show the world the reason why you spend most of your time in the gym. But, in case you really want to make sure that those extra pounds of fats are gone well in time, you might want to consider taking the help of natural fat burning supplements. These supplements work through a number of mechanisms to help you achieve a fat-free body you’ve always desired. Also, if you wish to maximize their effectiveness, you need to combine ingredients which work synergistically in order to enhance both fat release as well as elimination. The following article discusses the top natural fat burning supplements to help you fire your fat loss process in no time!

  1. Fat Releasers

    The body fat you hold under your skin is stored in fat cells, termed as adipocytes. In order to lose fat, these cells must be as small as possible, as you’ll need to empty the fat cells of most of their contents.The key ingredients that can help you increase the amount of release from your fat cells include:

  • Caffeine: While you think of this popular stimulant, you’re more likely to think of the buzz you get and how it instantly ramps up your calorie burning. What you might not know is that while caffeine does serve to torch up calories, its main function is to bind the receptors present on your fat cells. This stands true when caffeine is taken right before the workout session.

  • Yohimbe: An extract from the bark of a tree found in West Africa, yohimbe comprises of the active ingredient yohimbine that not only boosts libido, but also fuels fat loss by increasing the amount of fat release from your fat cells, similar to what caffeine does.

  1. Calorie Burners

Just because natural supplements such as caffeine and yohimbe help release fat content from your fat cells, does not necessarily mean that it will be burned off too. You are required to ramp up your calorie burn such that your body can use the freed up fat as fuel source.

Here are the four essential natural fat burning supplements that can effectively boost the number of calories your body can burn:

  • Green Tea Extract: One of the best natural fat burning supplement, green tea extracts efficiently work to boost the number of calories burnt each day. Its catechin content, especially the one known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) brings out the fat-burning properties of green tea.

  • Synephrine: One of the key ingredients of the bitter orange plant, Synephrine works to boost the metabolic rate to a great extent.

  • Capsaicin: A natural plant chemical, capsaicin helps in increasing the epinephrine levels in the body, which in turn enhances the amount of calories burnt by your body. According to a study performed at the University of Oklahoma, people who took supplements of natural fat burning substances that contained both caffeine and capsaicin burned more calories during and after the workouts.

  • Olea Europaea Extract: Scientific name for olive leaf extract having oleuropein as one of its most important ingredients. A powerful antioxidant, oleuropein not only boosts the immune system, but also raises the norepinephrine levels to increase the amount of calories burnt by the body.

  1. Fat Transporter

With so much of freed-fat floating inside your body, sometimes even an increase in calorie burn is not sufficient to make sure all the fats get eliminated. Fat transporters play a very crucial role here, as they help in maximizing the amount of fat transported to the energy centers.

  • Carnitine: A key component of the transportation system, carnitine helps in bringing the fat into the mitochondria such that it is burned completely. An efficient natural fat burning supplement, carnitine helps in increasing the amount of fat burned by the body.

  1. Fat Stopper

Fat loss can be defined as a constant battle of burning off more of fat than you store. So, when planning to fire up your fat loss process, it’s a good idea to use a combination of natural supplements that free up and burn more fat, along with supplements that help decrease the total amount of fat already stored in your body.

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): A naturally occurring group of healthy fats, CLA specifically comprises of omega-6 fats. Various studies have proved that CLA helps in enhancing fat loss, while improving muscle growth and strength.

  1. Gene Activators

You would be surprised to know but nutritional supplements even affect out DNA. According to a research the following two ingredients directly influence the expression of the genes that are involved in fat burning process.

  • Fucoxanthin: This is a popular chemical found in seaweeds. When taken as a supplement fucoxanthin activates the genes that help the body burn off calories. That’s not all it also helps the body turn off genes which increase the growth of fat-cells.

  • Fish Oil: An essential source of omega-3 fatty acids, fish oils provide both EPA and DHA, which have been found to turn on genes that help in increasing fat burn, while decreasing fat storage.

Did You Know How Hair, Nail And Skin Supplements Benefit You?

With a slew of beauty supplements available in the market touting infinite skin care benefits, do you find yourself wondering that merely applying serum isn’t enough – you need to ingest skin vitamins too? Read along to find out!

In addition to eating the right food, you can drastically improve the health of your hair, skin and nails with skin vitamin supplements. Some are better than the others at targeting these areas; however major brands stock multivitamins to help support all the three key areas simultaneously.

However, before you begin with your supplement intake, it is extremely important for you to know the best vitamins for healthy skin to maximize the benefits.

So What Are The Top Supplements For Your Hair, Skin And Nails?

When it comes to addressing the specific issues related to nails, hair and skin, there are three supplements that have been proven to deliver extremely effective results. These include:

  • Biotin

Biotin is especially beneficial for encouraging protein production for nail growth when absorbed in the core of the nail bed. It also delivers valuable benefits for luxuriously flowing hair by promoting healthier texture and providing protection against scalp flaking and dryness while increasing the elasticity of hair to prevent breakage. Biotin is especially beneficial for people who are concerned with brittle nails or thinning hair.

  • Vitamin B

One of the best vitamins for skin, Vitamin B is known for delivering infinite skin care benefits in people suffering from severe skin problems such as acne. A powerful antioxidant for the skin, Vitamin B helps in eliminating bacteria from the skin’s surface. That’s not all it also helps in balancing the testosterone levels to help keep acne related problems at bay. A deficiency of this vitamin is one of the major causes of frequent acne outbursts, so make sure you get sufficient doses of this vitamin with a well-balanced diet combined with quality supplements.

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are known for effectively combatting common hair problems, such as dry and damaged hair, flaky scalp and thinning of hair. It’s DHA and EPA content works to add superior luster, elasticity and volume to dull and lifeless strands, thereby promoting hair growth. Furthermore, omega-3 fatty acids help protect and repair the skin cells, nourishing the skin inside out. Omega-3s can even protect the skin from the damaging effects of overexposure to harmful ultraviolet radiations.

Other Vitamins Offering Incredible Beauty Benefits

Instead of trying to improve your appearance superficially through products that ultimately prove damaging, it is advisable you provide the much needed nourishment from within. There are a host of essential minerals and vitamins that contribute to the over-all health and well-being of the human body. And when we talk about the health of skin, nails and hair, taking the right supplements can just do wonders!

  • Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps maintain a rejuvenated and smooth skin and is especially recommended for preventive skin care purposes for acne-prone skin.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that is extremely important for skin collagen production. So make sure you integrate sufficient quantities of this vitamin in your diet and maintain proper Vitamin C levels in your body through supplement intake.

  • Vitamin E

A great antioxidant, Vitamin E is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it important for soothing the inflammatory symptoms in people with psoriasis or eczema.

Given the hair, skin and nail benefits of various supplements, it should be noted that a good amount of vitamins and supplements available in the market are harmless. However, it is extremely important for you to consult your health care provider before starting on any type of regimen especially if you’re already taking some other medications, as certain additives can interact leading to adverse effects.