To Be Or Not To Be? The Dilemma about Vitamins and Supplements for Energy

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘energy’? Food, we are sure, is one of the first responses. Yes, food does give energy. But what is it that gives you extra energy? That too is food; but special food – vitamins or a vitamin supplement may be. Surely, you do see the shelves and the fridges of the supermarket stacked with a world of energy boosting vitamins, energy drinks and bars.

Energy boosting vitamins and supplements have seen rapid growth over the last few decades, so much so that it has gained the status of the fastest growing category in health industry. This is primarily because of our ever-growing energy needs in this ever-hectic life. But the question that bothers most of us is whether these vitamins and supplements work. Before we get an answer to that, we must know some other basic things.

What is the need for vitamins and supplements?

While energy is something that everybody need in order to keep the body going on, the intensity and frequency varies from person to person. One may simply need energy to stay up for the preparation for an exam, or one may need to win that athletic competition, or one may just need to pump up some muscles to impress his girl. The whole purpose of consuming a vitamin supplement determines the type of vitamins and supplements that will be needed by you.

Whether you should be investing in vitamin supplements

Vitamins and other energy boosting supplements can work for the body in a very positive direction provided they are made for it. Investing in such supplements can be a wise decision provided the product meets your requirement as well as the list of ingredients it contains. If your product does not match your requirement, even the best vitamin supplements in India may not fulfil your expectation.

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